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These gorgeous pieces are bona-fide 100% American-made copper pots.  We know.  Crazy, right?  But it’s true.

Welcome to HOUSE COPPER, our American copper cookware line.

They’re painstakingly made for the artisan’s kitchen. To cook pasta for one or four people. To make stew for two that will last an extra night. To shine from the rack above the stove.

The copper pot is one of a kind, created in the dimensions that harken back to an age long gone, in a dimensional aesthetic that cannot be found anywhere else, because they aren’t made like this any more.

But now they are. History has returned.

Through painstaking research, trial, tribulations and outstandingly generous aid, we have been able to create, from scratch, a copper pot designed along the aesthetic of the traditional American copper pot.

Our lines are tall and long, speaking to the types of cylindrical shapes created by Paul Revere.  Most have long since been lost to posterity.

We have been given access to handles created before the 1850s that are reproduced beautifully in cast iron on our stockpot.  These ductile iron handles are forged at Lodi Iron Works, another family-owned, American company.

The copper pot body is spun using CDA 122 grade copper. Our hand tinning is reminiscent of past processes.  Your re-tinning needs can be addressed by contacting us directly – founder, owner and designer of Housekeeper Crockery’s House Copper, Sara Dahmen, is a tin and coppersmith.  Either our tinning partner will update your pots, or Sara will handle the tinning herself.  Contact her directly at housecopper@gmail.com.

Caring for your pure copper cookware the right way is critical to keeping your kitchenware looking as beautiful as the day you got it.  Download your care card here.

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Cast iron has been around in the kitchen for hundreds of years. It was used over fires during medieval times and invented in China years before that.

Cast iron was the original stockpot.

Cast iron was the original slow cooker.

Cast iron was the skillet of choice.

It still is.

We spent time looking over pieces from the 1880s and 1890s and talking to people who are die-hard cast iron aficionados. We spoke to people who spent days re-seasoning their pans, and listened to favorite methods of making those pans shine. We heard about what people didn’t like about currently manufactured pieces and what they were looking for in a pan.

So we started designing. The result? A beautiful, 8” skillet weighing 4 1/2lbs with traditional small pouring spouts for efficiency and a finger hold opposite of the handle for steadying and weight balance.  We worked hard to get the smoothest ground texture possible in today’s foundries.

The result of the research and work? A cast iron skillet throw back with a few modern touches. We hope you love it as much as we do.

The cast iron is sold raw or pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil.

Have a Housekeeper Crockery Cast Iron product and want to season it yourself?  We’ve got you covered.  Download instructions here.

Caring for your Housekeeper Crockery pieces the right way is critical to keeping your kitchenware looking as beautiful as the day you got it.  Download your care card for a Raw Oiled Skillet here or a Seasoned Skillet here.

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Pottery is an ageless art – examples of humans creating pottery vessels predate recorded history. It is a timeless expression of human ingenuity, practicality and artistry.

Our pottery mixing bowls are individually hand spun on a wheel by Shanal Pottery, an artisanal pottery company located in Saukville, Wisconsin. Each bowl comes with its own small defining characteristics because they are hand created.  The clay used is American clay, and the paint and glaze used to fire and finish the pieces are as pure, earthy and safe as they come.

Our nesting mixing bowls are created using 2.5lbs, 3.5lbs and 6lbs of clay respectively, and our individual mixing bowl is made with 3.5lbs of clay as well. These are made to last and invoke the spirit of grandmothers everywhere with their sturdy rims and thickness perfect for whipping up a meringue or cookie dough.

The spoon rests are great to keep next to the stove or on the counter for those sticky pots of jelly, and wipe up beautifully.

And our namesake – the crocks – are hand created: both the clay body and the wooden tops – much like the crocks found in the kitchens of old. They can hold anything from flour to butter to coffee to salt, the way crocks were used before plastic became the norm in our pantries.

So bring a bit of history back to your counters and mix a batch of oatmeal cookies in one of our bowls.

They’ll probably turn out extra delicious.

Caring for your Housekeeper Crockery pieces the right way is critical to keeping your kitchenware looking as beautiful as the day you got it.  Download your care card here.

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Every pot needs a spoon, and every spoon needs to be well crafted to stand up against the wear and tear of oils, spices, water and food.

Whetstone Woodenware lovingly creates our wooden spoons. They are a family-owned company located in Indiana that specializes in reproduction woodenware. The wood is culled from Akron, Ohio from American maples and the pieces are designed to soak up the seasonings you use as you cook – just the way they used to do.

We designed the spoons to fit each of our pots, bowls and skillets in order to make the cooking experience as easy as possible – a luxury now compared to the 1880s!

The 9.5” teardrop bowl spoon is perfectly stout and suited for scraping the cast iron skillet.

The 10” oval bowl spoon is made for our mixing bowls: short enough to whip quickly but long enough to manage inside the half-sphere of the bowl bodies.

And the 11” round bowl spoon is created for the long, cylindrical body of our authentic copper stockpot.

Each one should bring you a little bit of pleasure as you use it. Enjoy the soft texture of the wood and the efficiency of the spoon bowl as it works.

It’s like holding a slice of history in your hands.

Caring for your Housekeeper Crockery pieces the right way is critical to keeping your kitchenware looking as beautiful as the day you got it.  Download your care card here.

Housekeeper Crockery also produces beautifully crafted towels.  For care instructions for your towels, click here to download.

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