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Meet Sara Dahmen: Copper Mom

copper cookware, copper mug, american copper cookware, pure copper cookwareThe Inspired Home

To describe Sara Dahmen as a woman who can do it all–is the understatement of the century.

In fact, one of the many things she does is inspired by a century old craft of metalsmithing to create uniquely beautiful kitchenware in tin, copper and iron. We met Sara at this year’s International Home + Housewares Show where she debuted her modern cookware line, House Copper & Housekeeper Crockery: American-made cookware created with pure and organic materials. On the busy show floor at McCormick Place in Chicago, Sara’s stunning vintage designs, signature plaited braids and Wisconsin affability impressed potential partners and generated media interest.

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Inside the Maker Movement

american copper cookware, pure copper cookware, safe copper cookwareGourmet Insider Reports

When author Sara Dahmen wanted to recreate cookware she researched for a book she was writing about the Pioneer days of America, she got to work. She sourced local goods, found local companies to help with her venture and learned how to create cookware by hand.

Now, as the Maker Movement is spreading across the U.S. and reverberating with consumers, Dahmen is establishing herself as an artisan in the field of cookware with both Housekeeper Crockery and House Copper. GOURMETINSIDER managing editor, Emily Cappiello, recently spoke to Dahmen about what it’s like to be a true maker in the cookware industry.

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Tools of the Trade

american copper cookware, american tinLondon’s Root and Bone Magazine

Amid the clamour and clutter of cooking, there’s another stream of discussion, though it’s muted, subtle, and sometimes just as snobby as foodie circles can get. Seek, and you’ll find a cluster of chatter about the kitchen tools you’re using to make that divine culinary presentation.

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Housekeeper Crockery

in the Media.

You Know Where Your Food Comes From But Do You Know This?

housekeepercrockerymain-e1478460520737This Organic Life

This is a timely article in an uncertain time (ahem, election week). No matter what happens, we are still human beings, we still need one another, and one of the most important things we do together – enjoying meals in community – is still as important, if not moreso, as ever. This is why I’m truly excited to share this guest post with you today from Sara Dahmen of Housekeeper Crockery. She makes beautiful, quality, authentic, safe cookware right here in my state of Wisconsin.

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Housekeeper Crockery Goes Back to American-Made Cookware Basics

mx_250Forged in America, the company wants to bring artisan values back to our kitchens.

Most of the cookware found in stores today — with a handful of exceptions — is made overseas and not made to last. But Sara Dahmen is out to change that. She’s the founder of Housekeeper Crockery, which manufacturers high-quality, American-made cookware that can be passed down through generations. The manufacturing process involves working with companies around the country, from sourcing the copper in Texas to spinning it in Ohio and making the copper rivets in Wisconsin, where Dahmen is also based. 

We asked Dahmen about her goals, what it takes to keep it Made in America, and what she envisions for the future.

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Housekeeper Crockery Crafts Vintage-Inspired Line

hc_homeworldbusinessCookware & Bakeware

A writer by trade, Sara Dahmen never expected to make her way into the housewares business. However, after doing research for her book, which took place in the 1880s, she was inspired to jump into the industry with both feet. Launched in early 2015, Housekeeper Crockery is on a quest to bring made in America, historically-accurate, quality-made cookware and kitchenware to homes.

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Natural Awakenings – Community Spotlight

hc_naturalawakeningscoverLocal Business Brings Back Old-World Artisan Cookware

When Port Washington-based author Sara Dahmen was researching period details for her first novel, Dr. Kinney’s Housekeeper — an historical fiction set during the 1880s in the Dakota Territories — little did she know that the project would spark a new business venture.

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The #1 Organic Thing You Need In The Kitchen Today

olblogo2Pots are made by machine in China.  Dishtowels are stitched in Taiwan.  Spoons are mass produced in a factory.  And yet, often we don’t think twice about it.

Five years ago, when I began living a healthier lifestyle, one of the first things I wanted to do was get new cookware for my kitchen. It freaked me out that I could barely remember where my silverware or cookware came from, how long I had owned them all, if I picked them up at the dollar store. Most of what I owned was plastic, cheap and practically disposable. Some of it even had Prop 65 cancer warnings on it!

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July Contest Spotlight

Writers are People with Guts and a Pen


There is an old frontier saying “A cowboy is a man with guts and a horse” and we are pretty sure that “A writer is someone with guts and a pen.”

It takes guts to write a book, more guts to publish it, and even more to enter it in a contest. We have seem many authors who had the guts to enter and reaped the rewards.

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Cooking Up the Past

High-Quality Cookware Aims to Enhance Kitchens


When Sara Dahmen brings her Housekeeper Crockery line to Cedarburg’s Rustic Palate Saturday,
she’ll be returning something to downtown
Cedarburg that hasn’t been in its kitchens for more than 100 years: highquality, American-made kitchenware. “Everyone talks about the importance
of natural, organic, locally grown food, but we really don’t think about what we are cooking in,” said Dahmen, the founder of Port Washington-based Housekeeper Cookery. “We really should. We take this wonderful food and we throw it into cookware that is made from impure materials and leaches chemicals into our foods.”

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Award Winning Novel

Inspiration for Housekeeper Crockery, “Doctor Kinney’s HouseKeeper” takes First Place at the Laramie Awards

Western Pioneeer Civil War Fiction Award

Laramie Awards 2015 First Place Category Winning Titles

The Laramie Awards writing competition recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of  Western Fiction. The LARAMIE Awards is a division of the Chanticleer Awards International Writing Competitions.

Congratulations to the 2015 Laramie Awards First In Category Award Winning Western Fiction Novels:

  • Women’s Historical: Sara Dahman – Doctor Kinney’s HouseKeeper

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Ozaukee Living

7331000_origA year ago today, local author, Sara Dahmen, released her first novel, Doctor Kinney’s Housekeeper.  A first place winner of the Chanticleer Book Review for Women’s Historical Fiction, the story is set in the Dakota Territories in the late 1800’s, and nearly everything important in the book takes place in the kitchen.  The story, along with a love of cooking and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, inspired Dahmen’s latest venture:  a line of historically-inspired cookware called Housekeeper Crockery.

“I wanted to go one step beyond the food discussion,” said Dahmen.  “We’re buying organic, local, sustainable food, but when we bring it home, what do we cook it in?  Cookware made in China with a bazillion chemicals in it.”

Housekeeper Crockery consists of a line of cast iron and copper pots and pans, ceramic bowls, wooden spoons, and cotton towels that are entirely made in America.  In fact, the cast iron is poured in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, and the pottery comes from Rowe Pottery in Cambridge, Wisconsin.

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Housekeeper Crockery

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