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August 2017

The Truth About Copper & Moscow Mules

I was going to post a recipe today. Very “garden fresh and organic!” and all that. But instead there’s all this buzz about copper: copper Moscow Mule cups, copper cookware, unlined copper. And before there’s yet another article published that cites the same source or two, I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring [...]

The (re)Making of American Copper Cookware Skillets

In case it hasn’t been obvious, I’m a little enamored with the notion of recreating American copper cookware pieces that have been lost along with the slow disappearance of the hand-made, coppersmith trade itself. So – surprise! I’m making a skillet next. Though most copper skillets were relatively small in terms of today’s expectations (and [...]

July 2017

Creating a Copper Jambonnière {Part 3}

If you've been following the saga of pattern creation and remaking a vintage piece of copper cookware from scratch...here's the final conclusion.  Likely you might be as happy as I am that this is done and I can start posting things like cheese recipes again... So it was time to create the lid and handles [...]

June 2017

Creating a Copper Jambonnière {Part Two}

Over the past weeks, my ongoing apprenticeship at Backwoods Tin & Copper has been mostly obsessed with finishing up the copper jambonnière pan – not least because we wanted to have it done to show at the tinsmith convergence in Indiana this month. So the craziness continued. Tinning the copper jambonnière in the flat. [...]

Searching for American Copper Cookware & More

When first starting out to create House Copper and Housekeeper Crockery (after I wrote the fiction book with a similar name, soon to be re-issued and re-named by my publisher) I only knew I wanted to have wares that were 100% made in America, as locally as possible, and as purely as possible. Just like [...]

Awards…so far?

Oh books. My first love. Writing sustained my sanity through middle school (horrific writing), high school (only marginally better), and college (ok, some of those are yummy). Now that books have become a real reality to the day job, I suppose I am allowed to prove that other people actually kinda like what I write [...]

May 2017

Creating a Copper Jambonnière {Part One}

It all started with a book. Oh wait. That seems to be my M.O. But this time it wasn’t my own book, nor was it even in English. Instead, it was an out-of-print tome: Les Cuivres de Cuisine by Jean-Claude Renard, brought to my attention by a fellow copper cookware collector and connoisseur. I’ll call [...]

Maker Magic: Turning One Skill Into More

My children (ages 6, 4 and 2) affectionately call tin solder “metal glue” and my eldest has fantastical ideas about building a fully functioning riding lawn mower that he can pedal, all from tin and blocks of wood. I haven’t completely explained that what he wants to do is almost impossible. It’s far more interesting [...]

April 2017

How to Link Cooking Pots with Writing Conferences

I’m very excited and honored to be speaking at Romance Writer’s of America (RWA) national conference in Florida this July, and then later at the Historical Writers of America (HWA) conference in New Mexico in September. Speaking at a conference is a lot of fun...for me, anyway! What will I be talking about? [...]

Copper Cookware Cleaners

I am by no means a chemist, nor a science major, nor even a chef.  But I do like to research, and I do like to compile information (thankfully my book genre is historical fiction...I get to channel that nutty history obsession habit).  Cleaning (pure metal) copper cookware is a topic that fascinates me, mostly [...]