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October 2016

American Copper Cookware History (part 1)

As an apprentice tin and copper smith, I get to play with sheets of tin and copper all the time. Of course, tin is much easier to create kitchenware with in some regards (such as how easily it solders), but this post I’m going to wax a bit poetic about copper and discuss the bare [...]

September 2016

How to Make a Copper Bowl

It is wonderful to work with a craftsman who knows his stuff. Working with Tom matches our philosophy of staying with small artisans and family owned/operated American companies.

Book & Product Giveaway!

On November 1, 2016, we're pulling names out of a hat and giving away books and goodies to two lucky people!

August 2016

Old Fashioned Zucchini Bread

This cookbook is a tome, but it’s filled with the cooking of my mother, her friends, and all the church ladies in a tiny northern Wisconsin village. It tastes, frankly, like home to me.

Talking about Metal at TEDx Rapid City

Though several serendipitous occasions, I was fortunate enough to learn of TEDx Rapid City’s annual TEDx event, which occurs every early summer in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Tinning Copper Cookware over a Hot Forge

There’s something a bit exhilarating about huddling over a hot fire with some metal in your hands and making it melt. Hand-wiping tin on American House Copper copper cookware at the '16 Tinsmith Convergence Our House Copper copper pots are hand tinned here at HC, and it’s done beautifully in Lima OH by [...]

July 2016

Being A Modern Apprentice Learning a Vintage Trade

I love that I get to learn an old art form, that the items we make are useful, and that with the knowledge getting passed along, another generation can carry the torch and keep the trade alive.

American Copper Cookware Made from Scratch

I feel that there is tremendous value in understanding the art and technique behind our modern kitchenware – one can only know much of something if one is aware of what came before. The ancestry of our current copper cookware owes much of its design, and certainly its continued use, to these older, handmade versions of itself.

Copper: The Element

What makes copper so fantastic on a pure, elemental level? What makes it such a perfect conductor of heat, or metal that bonds beautifully?

June 2016

Copper Cookware Rivets Revealed

Copper pots and bowls all have handles. They are usually either of brass, iron or steel and occasionally copper. Have you ever looked at how those handles are attached? Likely you’ll see rivets, at least where cookware is concerned (or, if you’re like me before I became educated in kitchen tools, I called them ‘nails’ [...]